moving boxes in kitchen
10 Quick Tips About Day Before Move

We understand moving is hard, below we have some tips for the day before the move.

  • 1-Do an inventory list of the items that you want moved.
  • 2-Make an inventory list of the items not coming to the move, like items you are donating or leaving behind.
  • 3- Take Tvs, paintings and lamps off the wall.
  • 4-If your are bringing the refrigerator disconnect it the night before.
  • 5-Disconnect washer and dryer the night before the move.
  • 6-Motorcycles, Atv’s lawn mowers and barbecue grill must be empty in gas before loading in truck.
  • 7-Empty all dresses, if drawers are full items might be damage in transit.
  • 8-Pack all boxes with no more than 40 pounds each.
  • 9-Pack kitchen items piece by piece and wrap with white print, newspaper or bubble wrap for protection.
  • 10-If you live in an apartment building check with building management if they are any restriction for the truck to park inside the complex.

We hope these tips can help you make your moving experience a little better, some additional tips we can give you is to try to get a good night sleep before the day of the move.You can also let Fivestarrelo do all the packing for you and when we do, we cover the cost of all packing materials. Request a quote now